XLR8 vs. Fasttrack 2
Rap Album 5, Rap Battle6
Air date July 5, 2012
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XLR8 vs. Fasttrack 2 is the sixth rap battle in season 3, is the seventeenth battle overall, and is the sequel to XLR8 vs. Fasttrack. It aired on July 5, 2012.


  • XLR8
  • Fasttrack



Ben's fourth transformation is here to kick Citrakayah butt!

Maybe you should have gone and got killed by Wildmutt!

As of now I'm still the best. Fans-wise, you are useless. I can tell you right now, Omniverse is mine.

Get out of here Fasttrack. Better luck next time.


You came before me but I'm a whole lot better.

Just by the way you run, I think your nickname should be "Sweater".

You're lucky I didn't start the battle, cause if I did; I'd run you all the way to Seattle.

Wait, I'd be there before you.

You're just scared of me, I'm the Grinch, you're Cindy Lu-Who.


You're the Grinch? Then go hate Christmas.

Compared to me, you're the size of an isthmus.

Don't you realize my species is better than yours?

I have at least got toys of me in stores.

Just like the Megawatts, you will surely be forgotten.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm covered in metal. Go have fun getting hurt in your skin soft as cotton.


You call that stuff metal?

After this battle, you will feel unsettle.

One downside of you is your tail.

I don't need one, but without it, you would fail.

XLR8, where do I even begin?

It may be the battles end, but I will still win.