Verk vs. Eon
Rap Album 6, Rap Battle1
Air date May 31, 2013
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Verk vs. Eon is the first rap battle in the sixth season, and is the forty-first overall. It aired on May 31, 2013.


  • Verk
  • Eon



TIME TRAVELERS! LET'S START THIS! SHOW THIS COPPER FAT MAN WHO'S THE SMARTEST! The biggest mistake you've ever made, I'll time back to the TV of Fame! I'll toss you in my time gauntlets and bring up your Megawatt chasing shame! Your puny fans are fat German computers, Verkin off to Ben Again, givin themselves time ray shooters! I'm probably gonna win this, but only time will tell. The only thing predictable about me is that I'm unpredictable.


Not. So. Fast. DJW says jou're no alien, so vhy don't jou stick zese lyrics up jour ass? Zey built meme central to that "shame", jou're ze time walker zey need jou to be. Ain't no vay zat you can beat me, even Oprah zinks I'm an emcee. Jou and jour companions were campin in Ben 10K's crib n' I took myself to jour time and beat jour other versions viz my time cannon. Jou need to take jour rhymes to Paradox, oh so certainly. Jou vill not enjoy zis, but I can choose to make it go by quickly.


Heh. Had badder battles with my 6-year-old counterpart, and, by the way, was much more smart. I'm Time Lord, you sleep in a watch on Tennyson's wrist. I'd try harder to beat you, but you got beat by Carl's fist!


Jou got a bad case of no power there, Animo-look-alike. Jour whole team got beat up by a lizard cased viz ice. Zree hundred time asses need a kickin, give more cold rhymes than Big Chill. So vhy don't jou quit jour bitchin? My timing finger's itchin.


  • This battle's lyrics are based on the seventeenth Epic Rap Battle of History, Master Cheif vs. Leonidas.