Verk vs. Diamondhead
Rap Album 4, Rap Battle3
Air date March 16, 2013
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Verk vs. Diamondhead is the third rap battle in the fourth season, and is the twenty-first battle overall. It aired on March 16, 2012.


  • Verk
  • Diamondhead



Times up! Zis battle's gonna end before it even begins.

I'm Ben's most German alien. Just zat is more zan your diamond skin.

I'll rip you in half in rhyme.

My powers are boz ahead and behind zeir own time!

Gears on ze inside, copper on ze outside.

Jou have been ripped off by two different ali-i.


You say copper is better than diamond.

Verk, please. Ben couldn't have a better swordsman.

Jou, zat, zeir, what?

After this, you'll be taught to speak regular English, copper-butt.

Two rip-offs you call an insult?

It proves me good, go back to your German cult.

Bloxx and Chromy both love me!

I'll carve your copper into a stove-y.


Jou complain about me not speaking regular English, but zat don't bozer me.

Just vondering, do jou have OCD?

Just face it. Jou ain't got more fans zan me.

You might as well just go off and do things less lamely.


You should know about lame, Dr. Who-man.

You got beat by a laser gauntlet, not even armed by a man.

Your appearance is deceiving.

This battle will end with me winning, and you leaving.

With your low durablity but you so fat.

Everyone beats you, so take zat.


  • Credits to InfernalWolf for the Diamondhead and Verk.