Gases choke your Liherian throat.

(Diesel releases gas to keep from overheating. Liherian is Un-Named's species)

I can make you sink your blue boat!

(Blue Boat is something Un-Named can use. Diesel says he can sink it)

Need a way to win this battle? HA! No one beats Diesel in a rap battle!

(Diesel claims no on can beat him)

I'm a metal ET MC!

(Diesel is metal, an ET, or extraterrestrial, a common name for aliens, and an emcee)

Leave this battle while you can, Un-Named, and maybe I will let ya keep your dignity!

(Deisel says that if Un-Named backs out, he will let him keep his dignity and pride)


Feelin lucky, Diesel?

(A reference to the Clint Eastwood line "Do ya feel lucky, punk?" Un-Named is asking Diesel if he feels lucky)

Compared to me, you're a singin weasel!

(Compared to Un-Named, Diesel is a singing weasel. Nuff said.)

Makin trains break down like Gremlins.

(Gremlins, in stories, were thought to break down trains and planes)

Un-Named can be the MC to rap in the 3rd person!

(Un-Named says he can rap in 3rd person while Diesel can't)

Diesel trains are pretty strong, but you're an early model!

(Un-Named admits to diesel trains being strong, but calls Diesel an early model of them)

After this battle, you will only penguin waddle!

(Penguins reproduce like any other bird, the male climbing on top of the female and pulling their sex organ out and putting it into the female. Locomotivians, Diesel's species, do the same, so Un-Named says that Diesel will not only reproduce like a penguin after the battle, but will also waddle like one, too.)