This page shows the battles from ERBOA Season 9.


Gutrot vs HumungousaurEdit

Humungousaur is at the number one place for uses in the series, 69, not counting repeats. Gutrot is at the lowest place for uses in the series, 1. The two battle each other as opposites on the usage spectrum.

Toepick vs GhostfreakEdit

Toepick and Ghostfreak hold dark secrets. Ghostfreak's secret really manages to get under his skin, while Toepick sees his when he looks in the mirror. They fight to see who has the darker, more sinister secret.

Magmetic vs GravattackEdit

With similar rocky appearances, black markings around their eyes, and the devices on their foreheads, these two battle to decide who is more deserving of the design: Galilean, or Santahelmonic.

Grey Matter vs BrainstormEdit

Ben's most intelligent aliens literally go head to head in a battle of the wits to see who has the superior intelligence.

Ultimate Kevin vs Ultimate AgreggorEdit

Kevin Levin and Agreggor take on each other as their Ultimate Forms to claim the title of the more evil mutant.

Rex Salazar vs Ben TennysonEdit

Despite their friendship in Heroes United, Salazar and Tennyson go at each other for the title of the best Man of Action hero.

Ninjace vs BlamuraiEdit

As a sort of third part to the R10 vs S100 saga, Sif's alien, Ninjace, and Richard's alien, Blamurai, take on each other for the role of the better Japanese-based alien.

Ultimate RoyaleEdit

The finale of Season 9 is a royale between all the Ultimate Forms. Except Ultimate Ben. Ultimate Ben is bad.


  • This is the first season to include a battle where the only connection is the amount of uses, and the first to include a battle where the only connection being similar designs, XLR8 vs Fasttrack not included as the other part of the connection was the same power.


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