NRG vs. Rath
Rap Album 3, Rap Battle3
Air date June 17, 2012
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NRG vs. Rath is the third rap battle of the third season, and is the fourteenth battle overall. It aired on June 17, 2012.


  • NRG
  • Rath



NRG how you gonna battle Rath? You probably stink because your powers make sure you can't get a bath. And I mean stink like Stinkfly and you can't use Rook as your alibi! Rath's gonna win, just like I won against Alien X and them.


I thought I was hard-headed. Your heads so hard it must be made of leaded. Your full of hot air. Too bad your not medium rare. If i had a dollar for all the stupid stuff you've done, I'd be rich but then I'd be done. Ben never needed you. But I did just to merely beat you.


LET MEH TELL YAH SOMETHIN' METAL FIRE MAN! NO ONE BEATS RATH IF THEIR APPEARANCE IS BLAND! Ben Tennyson did need me! But he didn't need to scan anyone like he did with you, NRG! How you gonna talk about being full of hot air when it was you fighting Heatblast when you aired? This battle isn't over until I win. Derrick Wyatt should just throw you in the recycling bin.


Rath, what do I see? Hulk Hogan's line plus the attitude of of Wolverine. People say you and Ultimate Wildmutt are alike, but at least he has some brains instead just bite. Your Wildmutt with the eyes and without the brain. In or out of this suit I cause pain. Be it as it may that I look like my head's covered by a pail, you are the one that has the most epic of fails.